DJ Services

At Elegance Sound, we know that for any occasion, music determines how people feel throughout the event (not to mention how they will remember it afterwards!). Music is of utmost importance when setting and deciding the tone of your special event.

This is why our DJs are experts at engaging the audience and they showcase their talents by helping you create an electrifying atmosphere that lasts long through the night. They are flexible and ready to show everyone a good time, always maintaining a level of enthusiasm and professionalism to ease your crowd into whatever mood you desire.


Sound Systems

Where words fail, music speaks. Our sound system makes the magic happen. Rock the house or romanticize the night with a surround sound setup controlled by the latest digital mixing console. Wired directly to span the entire venue, keep every square inch of your event electrified with audio.


Screen & Projectors

With our draper screens, we can help you share your personal moments with your guests with clarity by displaying photos, videos, live speeches, and even highlights of the event in real time.

Intelligent Lighting

Our team is onsite to create an effortless flow throughout your night of the mood and ambience desired. We accomplish this by using intelligent lighting to illuminate your venue in ways that capture every nostalgic moment.

This can include lighting up your dance floor with an array of textured patterns, spotlighting a grand entrance, head table, and first dance – we can even sync the lighting to dance to the music with you!

Pin Spot Table Lighting

Our team loves the concept of leaving no stone unturned. A part of this concept includes nailing down the finest details. Pin spot table lighting helps to ensure that your décor does not go unnoticed by delicately placing sharp beams of light to illuminate all of your personal touches in hues and brightness to compliment your style.

Up Lighting

Transform your venue with LED perimeter up lighting. It is a deceivingly creative way to conjure up limelight to walls, drapery, specific venue enhancements, and other décor. Our team is able to pull off an iridescent look by placing small light fixtures strategically around the perimeter of the ballroom or salon in a colour(s) of your choosing to create the particular atmosphere you have in mind.

Complimentary perks of this service include amazing lighting for your photographs and minimizing your carbon footprint with the economically and environmentally feasible LED lights!

Dry Ice/Haze

Often referred to as low rising fog, many people often underestimate the importance of dry ice at their special events. It truly does help in creating a majestic backdrop for first dances. Often misconceived as the ‘smoke effect’, dry ice is beautiful and easy to manage.

Unlike traditional smoke machines that release smoke into the room, which always rises up, creating a chaotic scenario for photographers and videographers alike, dry ice rises no higher than the hip area on the average person, it is odourless, and leaves no residue behind.


PA Systems

Our top of the line PA system integrates seamlessly into your event. Broadcast your message to all your attendees and make the main voice of your event heard. The system is equipped to reduce distortion and optimize clarity to produce a clean hum-free sound.


MC Services

Our DJ service is not limited to music and dance. Rather, our service includes options that encompass a wireless lapel microphone for a priest, officiant, or any other public speaker, a PA system for announcements, MC services to engage the crowd, state of the art sound systems and mood music. This entire package sets the stage for your big night leaving no room for awkward silences or deafening chatter!

Monogram Projection

Customized high-resolution monogram projection of names, initials, logos, or a combination of any of these in any colour is an awe inspiring new trend. The monograms can be projected on dance floors, walls, and ceilings alike to really give your event a grand personal touch.